Advanced Enviro-Septic for Hotel, Resorts and Islands


Custom wastewater & sewerage treatment solutions are Advanced Enviro-Septic’s specialty. Hotels, Resorts and Islands are often located in areas of high environmental appeal or isolated from conventional services and need to operate their own waste water and recycling and power generation facilities.

The passive nature of the Advanced Enviro-septic and reduction in the mechanical process required to achieve the bacterial treatment of the effluent stream, can provide massive reductions in capital and operating costs, electricity, diesel fuel etc.

The Advanced Enviro-septic is used in Systems from 400 litres per day up to 300,000 litres per day (with 50% reuse in the largest application). Its ability to handle large variations in daily loading without chemical or mechanical intervention is a perfect solution for these facilities.

Combined with our Salcor Gravity UV unit capable of treating 800,000 litres per day and the Chankar Environmental A+ pod, the Advanced Enviro-septic can provide treated water for reuse, greatly reducing the cost and environmental footprint of the project.

Blogget Landing

Blogget Landing on the shores of Lake Sunapee, the largest fresh water lake in New Hampshire caters for peak loads of up to 2000 residents, campers and holiday maker’s.

Using the Advanced Enviro-septic with-in the sewerage system train enables the Local Authority to handle the substantial variations in load and easily and cost effectively recovers up to 50% for reuse.

  • The AES on-site treatment system removes up to 99% of wastewater contaminants.
  • Treats and disperses in a dramatically reduced footprint size from the current 1-meter pipe separation requirements to only 8 inches with the Advanced Enviro Septic system.
  • Proven and reliable track record.
  • Treatment processes require NO energy.
  • Made with significant quantities of recycled plastic.
  • Protects soil and groundwater from contamination.
  • Advanced Secondary alternative solution.
  • Considerably more cost-effective to purchase and maintain than current complicated, mechanical and conventional systems.
  • Smaller installations require smaller crews and less fill material.
  • Installs extremely quickly and easily compared to conventional septic sytems.
  • Lightweight components are very easy to handle and transport.
  • Never needs replacement media or special maintenance.
  • No expensive mechanical devices, computer controls or maintenance contracts.
  • Durable, non-biodegradable components that last indefinitely with a 20-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Flexible to allow virtually any shape.
  • Sloping, adaptable and multi-level configurations.
  • Longevity, reliability and proven performance.
  • Wastewater Treatment System performs at high capacity in areas of limited space.
  • Facilitates quick start-up after periods of non-use.
  • Provides additional surface area for bacterial growth with even distribution allowing for protection of the outer layers and receiving surfaces so they remain permeable.