This list is not definitive. Chankar Environmental provide free testing by the provision of a sand sample (2 cups of sand.) to Chankar Environmental PO Box 1556, Noosaville BC 4556

Number State Council RegionSuburbBusiness Name Name of Sand Contact number Tested by
1QLDMareeba Shire CouncilMareeba Conmat Pty LtdWashed Fine Sand 07 4092 2453PSD Provided
2QLDFraser Coast Regional CouncilMaryborough Byrne Bros Pty LtdMedium River Sand 07 4121 2461PSD Provided
3QLD Mackay Regional CouncilMackayC & JC CamilleriPinevale Sand07 4952 1222PSD Provided
4QLD Mackay Regional CouncilMackayC & JC CamilleriCullen Island Sand 07 4952 1222PSD Provided
5QLDLivingstone ShireYeppoonCapricorn Coast Sand and SoilMedium Sand 07 4938 3077PSD Provided
6QLDLockyer Valley Regional CouncilBuarabaRockwell Concrete and Quarries Coarse/Medium Sand 07 5426 4085PSD Provided
7QLDLockyer Valley Regional CouncilBuarabaRockwell Concrete and Quarries A Grade Coarse Sand 07 5426 4085PSD Provided
8WACity of RockinghamPort Kennedy Hinds Sand SupplyBrown River Sand 08 9524 0000PSD Provided
9QLDSomerset Regional CouncilHarlin Karreman QuarriesCoarse Sand 07 3206 6311PSD Provided
10QLDMoreton Bay CouncilCabooltureBulk Granite Haulage Rockwell’s Coarse Sand07 5495 0200PSD Provided
11QLDGympie Regional CouncilGympieTyrenwhit Group
( Corbet's )
AES Coarse Sand 0448 855 060PSD Provided
13QLDTablelands Regional CouncilAtherton Watto's Earthmoving Coarse Sand 07 4095 4547PSD Provided
14QLDMareeba Shire CouncilMareeba Mareeba SandsFine Sand Washed 0408 933 875PSD Provided
15QLDSunshine Coast Regional CouncilMaroochydoreNiel Mansell Landscape Supplies Coarse/Medium Sand 07 5443 8725PSD Provided
16QLDWhitsunday Regional CouncilProserpineWhitsunday QuarryMedium Fine Sand 07 4946 1199PSD Provided
19QLDDouglas Shire CouncilMossmanWJ & JC BelleroAES Sand 0417 714 022PSD Provided
20QLDCassowary Coast Regional CouncilMission Beach Mission Beach Raw Materials Screened River Medium/ Fine Sand07 4088 6618PSD Provided
21QLDLockyer Valley Regional CouncilGattonBrooks QuarriesWashed Sand07 5462 1355PSD Provided
22QLDCassowary Coast Regional CouncilInnisfailLandon Sands
( Stephen Sacchetti )
AES Sand0428 676 114PSD Provided
23QLDRedland City Council Redland BayJimel TransportAES Sand07 3829 0459PSD Provided
24QLDCassowary Coast Regional CouncilTullyL W & C Bosch Raw Materials AES Sand0419 773 436AES
25QLDSouthern Downs Regional Council Dalcuth Stanthorpe Sand Pty LtdWashed Sand0488 744 908AES
26QLDIsaac Regional CouncilNeboNebo Sand & GravelNebo Creek Sand0428 322 060PSD Provided / AES
27QLDWestern Downs Regional CouncilWooleebeeJuandah QuarryBedding Sand 0447 566 002PSD Provided
28QLDNorth Burnett Regional CouncilMontoBaldwin Sand and GravelCoarse Brown Sand 07 4166 1767PSD Provided / AES
30QLDWestern Downs Regional CouncilMilesTribe's Plant HireDouble Washed Sand07 4627 1778AES
31QLDScenic Rim Regional CouncilTamborineThe Sand & Soil CompanyWashed Medium/ Coarse Sand07 5543 6465AES
33QLDBrisbane City CouncilNewsteadRiverside Industrial SandsDB002307 3426 2503AES
34QLDCity of Gold CoastGold Coast T.C TippersCoarse A Sand07 5504 5477PSD Provided
35TASCity of HobartSouth HobartMales Sand Supplies Males Medium Sand 03 6223 6088PSD Provided
36SACity of Port Adelaide EnfieldDry CreekSloan Sands Sloans Filter Media 08 8349 7199PSD Provided
37QLDGladstone Regional CouncilAgnes WaterAgnes Water Seventeen Seventy Concrete Brown Medium Sand 0438 198 170PSD Provided
38TASDevonport City CouncilNorth West CoastD.J & K.J Rowell Pty LtdAES Sand 0408 140 567PSD Provided
39QLDSunshine Coast Regional Council YandinaCordwells Concrete Double Washed Sand 07 5446 7204PSD Provided
40QLDCairns Regional CouncilHolloways BeachNorthern Sands Concrete Sand 07 4055 9585PSD Provided / AES
41QLDCairns Regional CouncilHolloways BeachNorthern SandsMedium Construction Sand 07 4055 9585PSD Provided / AES
42QLDGympie Regional CouncilGympie Campbells Landscape Supplies AES Coarse Sand 07 5482 8111PSD Provided
43QLDToowoomba Regional CouncilToowoombaBoodle's ConcreteCoarse Sand 1300 291 130PSD Provided
43QLDMaranoa Regional CouncilRomaBoodle's ConcreteCoarse Sand 1300 291 130PSD Provided
43QLDNorth Burnett Regional CouncilMundubberaBoodle's ConcreteCoarse Sand 1300 291 130PSD Provided
43QLDWestern Downs Regional CouncilMiles Boodle's ConcreteCoarse Sand 1300 291 130PSD Provided
43QLDNorth Burnett Regional CouncilGayndahBoodle's ConcreteCoarse Sand 1300 291 130PSD Provided
43QLDWestern Downs Regional CouncilDalbyBoodle's ConcreteCoarse Sand 1300 291 130PSD Provided
43QLDWestern Downs Regional CouncilChinchillaBoodle's ConcreteCoarse Sand 1300 291 130PSD Provided
44QLDTablelands Regional CouncilAtherton Wongabel Quarries & Concrete Wongabel AES Sand 07 4091 5188PSD Provided
45SAYorke Peninsula Council PriceClinton Sands Blended Concrete Sand
(code CONC)
0403 603 789PSD Provided
45SABarossa CouncilPenriceSeelander QuarriesBlended Concrete Sand
(code CONC)
0403 603 789PSD Provided
48QLDCharters Towers Regional CouncilCharters TowersBulk Sand & Natural AggsSellheim Bedding Sand 0409 055 193PSD Provided
49QLDTownsville Regional CouncilTownsvilleBulk Sand & Natural AggsHaughton Medium River Sand 0409 055 193 PSD Provided
50QLDTownsville Regional CouncilTownsvilleTownsville Graded Sands 3mm Washed Sand07 4789 0477PSD Provided
51QLDSouthern Downs Regional CouncilWarwickWarwick Sand & GravelWashed Coarse Sand 07 4661 2080AES
52WAMundaring Shire CouncilMundaringHills Sand & GravelRiver Sand 0474 117 677PSD Provided
53QLDGladstone Regional CouncilGladstone Blomfields ExcavationsCalliope Washed Coarse (CWC) Sand 07 4972 3533PSD Provided
54QLDGladstone Regional CouncilGladstone Mini Excavation's Gladstone Tannum Coarse Sand 0408 001 305PSD Provided
55QLDCairns Regional CouncilCairns Zappala Raw Materials Pty LtdConcrete Sand 0407 621 008PSD Provided
56QLDCairns Regional CouncilCairns Zappala Raw Materials Pty LtdMedium Construction Sand 0407 621 008PSD Provided
57QLDRockhampton Regional Council RockhamptonHopkins Brothers-4mm Medium Sand07 4936 2260PSD Provided
58QLDBundaberg Regional CouncilBundabergSunstate Sands River Sand 0407 025 680PSD Provided
59QLDCairns Regional CouncilCairnsPioneer North QLD10mm Coarse Sand 07 4047 8300PSD Provided
60QLDRockhampton Regional Council RockhamptonRockhampton Mini LoadsMedium Washed Sand 07 4936 1232PSD Provided
61QLDBundaberg Regional CouncilBundabergBundy Port Sand & GravelBundy Port Sand 0448 694 354PSD Provided
62QLDSunshine Coast Regional Council LandsboroughSavage Landscape SuppliesCoarse Sand 07 5494 1153PSD Provided
63QLDSunshine Coast Regional Council TuchekoiAllen Co QuarriesAES Sand 0407 446 338AES
64QLDCassowary Coast Regional CouncilTullyBlenner's Raw Materials 50/50 Screened River/ Fine Sand 07 4068 4444AES
65QLDSouth Burnett RegionalKingaroyCrawford Sand & GravelCoarse Sand 0407 718 591PSD Provided
66SAAlexandrina CouncilTooperangTooperang Quarry Pty LtdOver Size Filter Sand Steve 0428812285AES
67NSWPenrith City CouncilEmu Plains Boral QuarriesNepean Washed Coarse Sand 1300 723 999PSD Provided
69QLD Hinchinbrook Shire CouncilHalifax Zanghi Earthmoving Coarse Sand 0418 779 412AES
70QLD Logan City CouncilKagaruSEQ Sand & Soil Washed Coarse Sand 0412 730 600PSD Provided
72QLD Cook Shire CouncilCooktown Cooktown Earthmoving Coarse Sand/ Bedding Sand 0439 798 724PSD Provided
73QLDBrisbane City CouncilChandlerRock N SoilMedium Washed River Sand (Bedding Sand)07 3245 5677PSD Provided
74QLDFraser Coast Regional CouncilToogoomFraser Coast Sand & GravelMedium River Sand 07 4128 0870AES/PSD Provided
75QLDFraser Coast Regional CouncilHervey BayPossum Paradise Garden Centre Medium River Sand 07 4125 3058AES/PSD Provided
76QLDToowoomba Regional CouncilToowoomba Jasmond Transport Pty LtdMedium Washed Sand 0429 635 480PSD Provided
77QLDMareeba Shire CouncilMareeba CQB Services Pty LtdBiboohra Fine Sand 07 4092 5711PSD Provided
78SAKangaroo Island CouncilKingscoteIsland ConcreteDouble Washed Sand 08 8553 2141AES
79NSWGloucester Shire CouncilGloucester Trellis Landscape SuppliesCoarse Washed River Sand0417 160 048PSD Provided
80NSWKempsey Shire CouncilSouth West RocksThormans TransportWashed River Sand02 6566 6766PSD Provided
82QLDCentral Highlands Regional CouncilEmeraldAshtina Sand & GravelCoarse Grade Sand07 4982 2978AES
83WAShire of Augusta-Margaret RiverCowaramupCowara ContractorsGrit Sand 0408 900 880AES
84QLDCity of Gold CoastWoongoolbaCoastal SandsCoarse A Sand 07 5546 2051AES
85SACity of SalisburySalisburyAdelaide Industrial SandsAIS Filter Sand 08 8182 6625PSD Provided
86QLDLivingstone Shire CouncilYeppoonLifestyle Landscaping Washed Medium River Sand07 4930 2770AES
87QLDIpswich City CouncilRaceviewSapar Landscaping Supplies Pty Ltd Fernvale Washed Sand 07 3288 9477PSD Provided
88QLDIpswich City CouncilRaceviewSapar Landscaping Supplies Pty Ltd Blended Sand 07 3288 9477PSD Provided
89TASLaunceston City CouncilLaunceston Beams Bros Pty LtdEquestrian Sand 03 6334 1124AES
92QLDWhitsunday Regional CouncilProserpineHumphries & Sons Medium Fine Sand (07) 4945 1127AES/PSD Provided
95NSWWollondilly Shire CouncilTahmoorMarks Landscape SuppliesWashed Concrete Sand (02) 4683 1731PSD Provided
97QLDCook Shire CouncilCooktownCooktown Earthmoving Pty LtdCoarse Sand 0439798724PSD Provided / AES
98QLDLogan City CouncilCarbrookRiver Sands Pty Ltd603 Washed Coarse Sand (07) 3412 8111PSD Provided / AES
99QLDRedland City Council Macleay Island Macleay Island Hardware & Landscape Supplies AES SAND (07) 3409 5666PSD Provided
100QLDSunshine Coast Regional Council Kunda ParkCoastal Landscape Supplies Coarse Sand (07) 5453 7100PSD Provided
101NSWInverell Shire CouncilInverell BC & JA Watkins C2 Sand (02) 6722 1197AES
103QLDTablelands Regional CouncilRavenshoeKidner Contracting Pty LtdAES Sand (07) 4097 6195PSD Provided
104QLDCroydon ShireCroydonBolwarra EnterprisesMoonlight Creek Sand 0428 976 762PSD Provided
105QLDCook Shire Mission River Northern Haulage & Diesel Services Screened Sand (07) 4069 9382AES
106QLDCook Shire Mission River Northern Haulage & Diesel Services Washed Sand (07) 4069 9382AES
107QLDEtheridge Shire, Mareeba Shire, Tablelands Regional Council Atherton S & K Raw Materials Fine Sand Washed 0448914243PSD Provided
109QLDBrisbane City CouncilWacolEnvirosands Crushed Glass (Medium B)0413899249AES
110QLD Central Highlands Council Rubyvale Salmon's QuarryCoarse Sand 0427854703PSD Provided
111SAOnkaparingaMclaren ValeClay and Mineral SalesTransition Layer Sand 08 8251 4000AES & PSD Provided
112TASGeorge Town CouncilBell Bay Coffey Plant Hire Pty LtdScreened Quartz Sand 0438 821 948AES & PSD Provided
113SACity of SalisburySalisbury SouthAdelaide Industrial Sands Pty LtdConc Blend Sand
(Conc Sand)
(08) 8182 6625PSD Provided
114QLDBundaberg Regional CouncilBundabergMilton Excavations Medium Brown Sand (07) 4153 3588PSD Provided
115QLDWeipa Town Authority Evans Landing Weipa Concrete Coarse Sand 0418773345PSD Provided
116QLDRockhampton Regional CouncilPink Lily (Rockhampton)Pink Lily Sands (Hardcore Sands)Pink Lily Medium Sand (07) 4922 1373PSD Provided
117NSWHornsby Shire CouncilDuralLanglands Landscape Supplies Pty LtdCoarse Sand (Double Washed)(02) 9651 2102PSD Provided
120QLDSunshine Coast Regional Council Forest Glen Maroochy Sand and GravelRiver Sand (07) 5442 3337PSD Provided
124QLDMoreton Bay Regional CouncilMorayfieldGardenscapes Landscape & Produce CentreCoarse A Sand (07) 5498 5200PSD Provided
126QLDSouthern Downs Regional CouncilStanthorpe Walls Sand & GravelCoarse Washed River Sand (07) 4681 3138AES
127QLDTownsville City Council BohleTownsville Concrete
(Barro Group)
Coarse Aggregate(07) 4774 8100PSD Provided
128NSWBlue Mountains City CouncilBlaxlandLower Mountains Landscape Supplies High Grade Type A Compaction Sand (02) 4739 8899PSD Provided
129SAWattle Range Council ComaumGambier Earth Movers Comaum Washed Sand(08) 8725 4093PSD Provided
131TASLauncestonRocherleaHazell BrosBiofilter Sand 1300 429 355PSD Provided
134NSWCowra Shire CouncilGlenellaBryants Concrete 2mm Sand (02) 6341 1288PSD Provided
135QLDSomerset Regional Council FernvaleZanow's Concrete and QuarriesFernvale Medium Sand (07) 5427 0347PSD Provided
136TASBreak O'Day Council St Helens St Helens Concrete Golden Fleece Sand (03) 6376 2138AES
137NSWShoalhaven City Council Nowra Terara Sand Plus 425m Sand (02) 4423 1088AES
139SAAlexandrina CouncilMount Compass Mount Compass Sand & Loam Extra Coarse Washed Sand (08) 8556 8228AES
140TASKingborough Council Leslie ValeHazell BrosCrushed Glass Sand (RGS)1300 429 355PSD Provided & AES
142QLDMaranoa Regional CouncilRoma Roma SandsCoarse Sand 0400 248 941AES
143QLDGympie Regional CouncilTraveston Corbets Quarries & Concrete AES Sand (07) 5482 7388AES
144QLDMoreton Bay RegionBrendaleNeilsens GroupMedium Sand 1800 688 966PSD Provided
145QLDBurdekin Shire CouncilAyrBurdekin Transport Services Screened Burdekin River Sand (07) 4783 3033PSD Provided & AES
146QLD Central Highlands Regional CouncilBlackwater Blackwater Quarries & Concrete Washed Sand (07) 4982 6836PSD Provided
147QLDCassowary Coast Regional CouncilTully Bonasssi's QuarryScreened Sand 0408 735 139PSD Provided
148QLDWhitsunday Regional CouncilMount MarlowWhitsunday QuarryGeneral Sieve Sand (07) 4946 1199PSD Provided
149TASClarence City CouncilCambridge The Pines Landscape & Garden SuppliesA Sand (03) 6248 4994AES
150TASClarence City CouncilCambridge The Pines Landscape & Garden SuppliesSF Sand (03) 6248 4994AES
151QLDNoosa Shire CouncilCooroyCooroy Landscape SuppliesBoompa Pit Sand (07) 5447 6229AES
153QLDMount Isa City CouncilMount Isa Mount Isa City Council Batching Plant Coarse Sand (07) 4747 3258PSD
154QLDMount Isa City CouncilMount Isa Q Crush Coarse Sand 0417 057 680PSD
155QLDMoreton Bay Regional CouncilNingiSouthern Pacific SandsWCS2000 Sand (07) 5497 5955PSD
156SACity of Tea Tree GullyGolden Grove Hansen Filter Sand (08) 8251 1266PSD
158SAAlexandrina CouncilMount CompassMount Compass Quarry & Landscape Supplies Bio Filter Sand (08) 8556 8421PSD
159NSW Coffs Harbour City CouncilCoffs Harbour High Quality Sands/ConcretePlumbers Sand (02) 6651 5225PSD
161QLD Cloncurry ShireCloncurry Wagners - Castlereagh Quarry Coarse Sand 0429 803 569PSD
162QLDSunshine Coast Regional Council KenilworthKenilworth Landscape SuppliesWashed Mary River Sand 0448 325 076AES
163TASGlamorgan-Spring Bay CouncilBichenoWallaroo ContractingCoarse Concrete Sand(03) 6375 1015
PSD Provided & AES
164QLDLogan City Council LoganholmeRiver Sands Coarse Sand RW(07) 3412 8103PSD Provided
165QLDSunshine Coast Council KuluinNeil Mansell Landscape SuppliesWashed Coarse River Sand.(07) 5443 8725AES
166QLDMackay Regional Council MackayMackay Sand and Gravel SalesRon Cam Bridge Quarry Coarse Sand Sample 1 & 2(07) 4955 9500PSD Provided
167NSWClarence Valley CouncilClarence Clarence Sands Coarse Sand 0400 214 111PSD Provided
168QLDGympie Regional Council GympieGympie Landscape Supplies Washed River Sand (07) 5482 8161AES
169NSWSnowy Monaro Regional CouncilJindabyneJindabyne Sand & GravelWashed River Sand (02) 6456 2387AES
170NSWSnowy Monaro Regional CouncilCoomaCooma Sand and Concrete Pty LtdCoarse Washed River Sand (02) 6452 1660AES
171QLDSouth Burnett Regional CouncilWattle GroveKingaroy Quarry Supplies Pty LtdCoarse Sand0407 718 591PSD Provided
172QLDSouth Burnett Regional CouncilGordonbrookGordonbrook Sand QuarryCoarse Sand 0419 656 058PSD Provided
173TASNorthern Midlands CouncilBreadalbaneHazell Bros Bio Filter Sand0447 986 683 PSD Provided
174QLDNoosa CouncilCooroyCooroy Landscape Supplies AES Sand 07 5447 6229AES
175NSW/ACTYass Valley CouncilWallaroo/Canberra Tharwa Sands Washed Sand 02 6254 0111 or 0409 010 134PSD Provided
176NSW/ACTYass Valley CouncilWallaroo/Canberra Tharwa Sands Thermal Sand 02 6254 0111 or 0409 010 134PSD Provided
177NSW/ACTQueanbeyan–Palerang Regional CouncilQueanbeyanParagalli Haulage Icon Filter Sand 02 6284 2057PSD Provided
178QLDNoosa Council Pomona Grow Landscape Yard AES Sand 07 5485 0805AES
180SA Franklin Harbour District CouncilCowellEP Rock & Sand Pty LtdConcrete Sand 0437 062 528AES
181SACampbelltown City CouncilNewtonNewtons Building & Landscape SupplyFilter Sand 08 8415 7777PSD Provided
182NSWLismore City CouncilLismore S & L Sand & GravelCoarse River Sand (02) 6621 7727AES
185QLDRedland City CouncilMacLeay IslandJSBs Earthmoving & Tree Specialists Pty LtdAES Sand 0428 259 060PSD Provided / AES
186QLDGympie Regional CouncilGunalda Four Mile SandstoneWashed Coarse River Sand 07 5486 5697AES
189QLDGympie Regional CouncilGunalda Four Mile SandstoneAES Sand 07 5486 5697AES
190TASSorell CouncilPenna Allsands Coarse Sand 03 6265 2343AES
192QLDLogan City CouncilJimboomba Leighton Sand & GravelCoarse Sand07 3800 1560PSD Provided / AES