AES Advanced Enviro-Septic Australia for Home Owners

The System that you choose to treat your families’ sewerage is very important. Failure to take the time to educate yourself on the best options available will have a major impact on your family budget for many years to come. Take the time to read through the AES Check Sheet  and apply these questions to the system you are considering. Then you will at least make an informed decision before you sign up to a costly, long-term obligation.

Everyone has an obligation to protect community heath and the environment. If we do this naturally, without electricity or harmful chemicals then we all win.

  • The AES on-site treatment process uses a natural process to remove 99% of wastewater contaminants and ensure a potential system life of over 20 yrs. Watch the video.
  • Achieves Advanced Secondary quality water with no electricity or harmful chemicals.
  • Approved and used in more Countries and National Parks than an other system in Australia.
  • Made with significant quantities of recycled plastic with the components guaranteed for 20yrs.
  • Provide greater protection of soil and ground water.
  • Durable, non-biodegradable components that last indefinitely with a 20-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Bacteria destroys 99% of all contaminants before it contacts the soil ensuring no replacement costs.
  • Requires no servicing other than pump out of your septic tank depending on the amount of sludge build up. Most Councils and AS 1547-2012 recommend every 3 to 5 years.
  • No expensive pumps, blowers or computer control boards are required. (Most of these items have a limited warranty of 12 months and when they fail you can be confronted with costs of up $1000.00 to supply and replace a control board for example.)
  • NO ELECTRICTY costs. (Rotorua Council testing showed that some AWTS systems used $800 worth of Electricity per year).
  • AES is installed by licenced plumbers, who have completed the free AES certification course. Allowing you to obtain several quotes ensuring you are getting the best value for your money and do not require you to sign long term maintenance agreements.
  • Cheaper than an AWTS and no more expensive that a conventional septic to install.
  • Uses course sand instead of crushed rock, which is much easier to work with and to get into difficult places.
    AES does not fail if you take a holiday or you have a power failure or accidentally turn the power off.
  • Can be used for new and retrofit applications.
  • Good design methods allow the AES to be used in all soil types.
  • As per Australian Standards 1547:2012 AES can be designed and used in small or large applications with a considerably smaller footprint than convention septic and AWTS systems.
  • Can be designed for flat, gently sloping and steep sloping sites.
  • Reduced set backs due to level of treatment as per Council guidelines.
  • AES pipes are flexible and can bend to follow the contours of sloping sites