Being a passive septic system that requires no servicing , replacement parts/components or media we very rarely get the opportunity to ask “how’s your system going“ . Unlike our aerated wastewater mechanical system competitors we don’t have the pleasure of profiting from repeat income generated from service and spare parts.

When you choose to install an Advanced Enviro-Septic onsite sewage facility you not only help to protect the surrounding environment but also protect your wallet.

“ Having stand-alone solar power at our property is something we have always wanted to do. However the sewerage system we installed initially required power to operate. This lead to a constant drain on batteries. After seeking advice, we contacted AES. Their system has been great from day one. We were able to modify our existing tank to suit. This still required installation, however no power at all, and a trouble free system. I would be happy to recommend AES,”

Phillip & Kim from Sunshine Coast Hinterland

“We installed an Advanced Enviro-Septic System in our family home south of Mackay back in 2012. We are writing a letter to say we are really happy with it. Unlike some of the chemical , mechanical treatment system that have been installed in our neighborhood , our system does not smell and does not require the regular servicing. We are careful and follow the manufactures suggestions of do’s and don’ts and have not had a problem to date. Even when we had 250ml of rain in 1 night the system still functioned as intended.

PS: Many thanks for your help and advice”

Marg from Mackay

“Upon building our new house we were fooled into believing a tertiary septic system would be our best option.  After spending thousands of dollars installing one and then repeatedly forking out hundreds and hundreds regularly for maintenance our system was never able to produce the results we were led to believe it would.  After repeatedly questioning this we were again handing over more and more money to fix or upgrade parts which began to fail within the first few years of the system being installed.  After finally being told the system was unable to ever produce these results (at only three years) and not even support our family of four without regular failure (at this time we also discovered the company had gone into receivership) we decided to stop spending money on a system which was never going to work properly and went on the hunt for a replacement system.  At this point we were very dubious about all the marketing gimmicks as clearly the information we were being given was not always accurate.

We came across AES on recommendation from a neighbour who had used this system and was suitably impressed with it.  On further research and talking in detail to the AES Team about our problem we decided to convert our old tertiary system to an AES system.  AES were very accommodating in helping us design a new system around the old system where possible to reduce the financial burden of replacement of a complete system.  AES were a very easy, professional and helpful company to deal with right from the initial contact.  Installation was a breeze and the system was up and running with minimal inconvenience to us.  The system did not skip a beat for the next two years until we sold the property and has not cost a cent to run or maintain.

We were in fact so impressed with AES we straight up installed a new AES system at our new property and also now have several friends who on our recommendation have also installed systems.  Cannot recommend the AES team or their system more highly!”

Brandt & Shannon from Noosa