Queensland National Parks Vandal Proof Vents

Sadly more often than not, facilities provided by National Parks that enable all members of our community to enjoy the experience offered our wonderful natural environment, is impacted by idiots. We recently received a request [...]

Environment Technology well and truly on the road with AES

The team at Environmental Technology are really kicking some goals with the distribution of Advanced Enviro-Septic in New Zealand. They are receiving a constant flow of new designers and installers completing the AES certification. This [...]

How to Prepare a Basal Area

Australian Standards 1546:2000 & 20012 provide a table for the calculation of the basal area (where the treated water contacts the natural soil) using the daily loading rate and the capacity of the soil to [...]

Fourex Island

Without a doubt, the plumber that installed the Advanced Enviro-Septic on Fourex Island would have had to overcome terrible and I am sure insurmountable problems during this installation.  “Putting the fishing line down and keeping his [...]

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