Without a doubt, the plumber that installed the Advanced Enviro-Septic on Fourex Island would have had to overcome terrible and I am sure insurmountable problems during this installation.  “Putting the fishing line down and keeping his men at work”. Notice the fish hanging from the corner of the bar on the right hand side of the photo. The plumber claimed he caught it during smoko. Needless to say we do not believe him.

Fourex Island is a private retreat for invited guest of the owners Fourex breweries. The Bronco’s Rugby League team being one of the groups that has put the island facilities to the test.

Given the idyllic location and wonderful environment the owners required a solution that would treat the Fourex stimulated wastewater to a high quality, protect the environment and required no electricity to operate. The solution chosen was the Advanced Enviro-Septic and it was installed by Mark Cross from EnviroPlumb.

“Lucky bugger.”