Everything is bigger in the USA

There are a growing number of US town councils implementing the Advanced Enviro-Septic system in large scale Community Wastewater Disposal Schemes. Councils are now choosing to develop a number of smaller localised wastewater treatment sites [...]

AES installed in new Elliot Heads Foreshore project

Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) has recently been installed in the new Elliot Heads Foreshore Masterplan and Kiosk project near Bundaberg. This extensive redevelopment project, undertaken by the Bundaberg Regional Council, was completed in June 2015. Elliot Heads Foreshore [...]

What’s that smell?

Every now and then we get a homeowner contacting us about nasty smells coming from their septic system and what could be causing it. It’s poo of course! (well poo gases to be exact). Usually [...]

“FLUSHABLE” wipes not suitable for Septic

There is a growing level of concern in relation to the use of flushable wipes as an alternative to toilet paper and the impact they have on both municipal and domestic sewerage treatment systems. Sydney [...]

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