Of the 250 thousand rural properties in Queensland using mechanical domestic sewerage treatment plants, a substantial number are rental properties. To ensure the ongoing, safe and effective treatment of sewerage, these complex mechanical systems require electricity even when the property is not occupied.

Once a tenant vacates a rental property and instructs their electricity supplier to shut power off to the property, the mechanical pumps and blowers shut down depriving the system of oxygen.

A period of as little as two days without power can cause a total breakdown of the treatment process, resulting in blocked pipes or worse still, above ground irrigation of untreated raw sewerage.

The owner of the rental property may then face the cost of a service call shortly after the new tenant moves in. If they are required to replace a pump or blower the bill can be as high as $1000 or if the land application area is clogged the cost could be as high as $3500 to rectify.

Whilst no one is actually at fault, it highlights the need for owners of rental properties to be aware of the financial and health impacts of shutting off power to their onsite wastewater treatment system.

A small power bill is dramatically less than the cost of repairing an onsite wastewater system and far safer for environmental and community health.

This also serves as a reminder to not turn the power off to your sewage plant when you go on holidays, it could cost as much as your holiday when you get back home.

The Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) system is an innovative passive on-site waste water system that does not require any chemicals; pumps; control boards; aerators or blowers, eliminating the need for electrical input. AES is the perfect solution for safe and cost effective onsite wastewater management.

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Advanced Enviro-Septic – The safest onsite wastewater solution