There is a growing level of concern in relation to the use of flushable wipes as an alternative to toilet paper and the impact they have on both municipal and domestic sewerage treatment systems.

Sydney Water removes over 500 tonnes of wet wipes from their sewers each year and the problem is growing.

Many of these wet wipes contain plastic microfibers that do not breakdown. Not only does this impact the mechanical components of a system, but the wet wipes float to the top of the primary septic chamber forming a clogging layer that impedes the bacterial process required to treat effluent. This can lead to pump burnout due to the fibres wrapping around impellers and other mechanical elements.

Packaging can also be misleading, with some “biodegradable” wet wipes only stating in the fine print that the product is not to be used in septic systems.

Wet wipes can potentially cost homeowners hundred of dollars on service and repair costs but also pose a large risk to community and environmental health.

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