There are a growing number of US town councils implementing the Advanced Enviro-Septic system in large scale Community Wastewater Disposal Schemes. Councils are now choosing to develop a number of smaller localised wastewater treatment sites that take advantage of local topography and existing infrastructure, instead of creating huge sewage treatment facilities that require prohibitive capital investment. The benefits to tax payers of reducing the cost of rising mains and ongoing operational and infrastructure costs are enormous.

One such project being planned in the US is the Wilmington, NY Decentralised Wastewater treatment scheme that includes four sites:

  • Wilmington Site 2 – peak daily flow 236,050 litres per day.
  • Wilmington Site 3 – peak daily flow 55,872 litres per day.
  • Wilmington Site 5 – peak daily flow 162,901 litres per day.
  • Wilmington Site 6 – peak daily flow 98,413 litres per day.

The scalability and flexibility of the AES system means there are no limitations on the size or capacity of any new system. Using double or triple layered systems reduces the land application footprint and increases system capacity for a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining a traditional sewage treatment plant. AES continues to lead the way in providing a cost-effective, environmentally safe onsite wastewater treatment alternative.

Proudly making passive septic systems safer than ever before.