School Tenders Awarded

The Queensland Government Department, Building and Asset Services have awarded tenders for 4 more schools using the Advanced Enviro-Septic. This brings the total number of schools now serviced by our passive solution to almost 20. [...]

Enviro-Septic chosen to protect Lake Elphinstone

Isaac Regional Council have just completed the installation of an Advanced Enviro-Septic to better protect the beautiful natural environment of Lake Elphinstone and its surrounds. The Elphinstone is a beautiful natural asset that provides locals [...]

What can you see?

If you said the most obvious thing is the concrete driveway. You would be correct, but you are also looking at an Advanced Enviro-septic installation. The installation was completed 2 years ago as part of [...]

Redland Solution to 17 Failing Biolytic Systems

The photo attached is of an AES system installed on a Southern Bay Island in Redland Shire to replace the disposal field for 17 Biolytic systems that where installed as a common disposal system. The [...]

Competitors would like us to go away…FAT CHANCE!!!!

We often receive phone calls from consumers and councils seeking clarification concerning rumours that Advanced Enviro-septic is closing. We had a call last week from a Qld Council advising that they had a lady walk [...]

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