The photo attached is of an AES system installed on a Southern Bay Island in Redland Shire to replace the disposal field for 17 Biolytic systems that where installed as a common disposal system.

The initial design used irrigation of the effluent from the 17 Biolytic’s onto a Public Golf Course. Testing of this effluent in 2012 indicated that the systems were failing to meet the water quality standard required for Public Health and Safety. Redland Water up hold a very high duty of care and investigated options to provide better water quality outcomes and remove public risk associated with irrigation of effluent.

The solution was an 8000ltr per day Advanced Enviro-septic. The system as can be seen in the photo is providing much safer and effective treatment and disposal of the sewage. The bollards near the high vent mark the edge of the fairway with the extension area extending into the fairway and maintained with normal golf course equipment.

The greatly improved Community health outcome achieved by Redland Water is complemented by good visual amenity.