If you said the most obvious thing is the concrete driveway. You would be correct, but you are also looking at an Advanced Enviro-septic installation. The installation was completed 2 years ago as part of a program conducted by a Queensland Council to remove the impact of regulated pump out on family’s with-in the shire.

The installation was undertaken by Webster Plumbing and entailed installation of the Advanced Enviro-septic land application area and the conversion of holding tank to a Septic tank. Converting the existing holding tank to a septic tank provided substantial material and excavation cost savings.

Once the AES bed was complete, the new driveway was installed over the AES pipes and the extension area.

Following the handover of the Councils sewerage and water division assets to entities set up by the Queensland Government the cost to homeowners for regulated pump almost doubled to over $3,000 per annum.