The Queensland Government Department, Building and Asset Services have awarded tenders for 4 more schools using the Advanced Enviro-Septic. This brings the total number of schools now serviced by our passive solution to almost 20.  The first of these systems were installed over 2 years ago and are proving to be a very cost effective and long term successful solution.

Schools can be a very difficult environment for waste water treatment plants due to the large periods of no inflows during holiday periods, unbalanced influent composition and rags, toys and other unusual stuff kids can place down the toilet. The remote nature of many schools also has a high ongoing cost associated with maintaining complicated mechanical processes. The passive aerobic process of Advanced Enviro-Septic simply reactivates after reuse commences.

Webster Plumbing installed the installation in the photo. The successful tenderer for the 4 schools in Central Queensland is Willis Plumbing from Yeppoon. In 2007 the Engineering estimate for just one of these schools using anaerated wastewater treatment plant was over $250,000. The price of the Advanced Enviro-septic for all 4 schools is estimated to be approximately 50% of this figure.

The ongoing operational cost will be reduced by over 90% compared to the system proposed in 2007.

With no additional electrical cost added to already tight school budgets as there are no blowers, membranes, etc as Enviro-Septic is a 100% passive Aerobic treatment. Even more interesting is the estimated cost of the 2007design in 2014 dollars terms was $465,000 for just one of these 4 schools. A saving of almost 75%. These savings represent great value for schools and tax payers.