We often receive phone calls from consumers and councils seeking clarification concerning rumours that Advanced Enviro-septic is closing. We had a call last week from a Qld Council advising that they had a lady walk into the Plumbing department concerned that she had been told that we would be closed by June.


We have always believed that the more aggressive our competitors are at making up stories, spreading rumours, actively seeking to discredit our product and to cause fear in the minds of consumers, the more they have to hide and the more we are making a difference for those families most disadvantaged by current industry standards.

Try as they might…BUT…we are here to stay!!

The past 2 months has seen:

  • The highest number of systems supplied.
  • The 1st 5 systems delivered and installed in Tasmania with support from our Tasmanian team member Paul.
  • A new team member on board in Noosa to better assist with new customer enquiries, database management, newsletters and Offshore enquiries re. assisting Asia Pacific neighbours.
  • Our 2nd full container of AES product about to land in New Zealand with Environmental Technologies doing a great job.
  • Assistance given to several Asia Pacific Countries seeking to take their current poor sanitary outcomes to a much higher standard with ENVIRO-SEPTIC.
  • NSW designer are looking for better solutions with the 1st Advanced Enviro-Septic lodged this month.

Projects supplied include:

  • McDonalds
  • Qld Boy Scouts
  • Girls Guides
  • Schools
  • Council Foreshore redevelopment
  • Council Caravan parks
  • National Park camping grounds and day use areas
  • Community Service respite centres, and
  • Over 700 families systems.

Don’t believe rumours especially those started by people with a vested interest in “not having” our affordable, effective, passive and sustainable Advanced Enviro-Septic solution as a competitor. If you or anyone you know has been challenged about using our passive option or has any concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call on 07 5474 4055.