Many of our clients, both commercial and domestic, own or would like to own an irrigation system. Irrigation systems are great for assisting in the growth of agricultural crops, the re-vegetation of disturbed soils and even for the home owner who simply wants an abundance of greenery in their backyard. And, so, we get asked if an irrigation system can be used over the Advanced Enviro-Septic system.

In order for both systems to work successfully they cannot be placed on top of each other. The additional water from the irrigation system poses too much of a threat to the septic system. The water can flood the system and adversely affect its operation. In order for us to guarantee a long lasting Enviro-Septic system, the installation area must be void of all threats. A properly maintained system ensures that you won’t have to pay a great deal for repairs and services in the long term.

In addition to irrigation systems, there are other threats to be aware of when installing your septic system. Floor and roof drains, sump pumps and gutter systems should not be discharged into or anywhere near the system. Swales should be located appropriately so that storm water will run off away from the system. Also, we recommend that the ground surface over the aerated waste water treatment field should be crowned to prevent the build up of surface water, or ponding, over the system.

Please call or email us to find more information on the appropriate position and location for our Advanced Enviro-Septic systems. By educating yourself on ways to maintain your septic system, you are guaranteed to have a long lasting product that protects the health and safety of your family and your community.