As the Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) system becomes an increasingly accepted and preferred option for property owners, developers and government departments wishing to avoid the inevitable cost of repairs and maintenance of mechanical treatment plants, engineers and designers are being introduced to our product at the insistence of their clients.

The reason we request engineers and designers to complete our online certification is not to question their qualifications, but to reduce the time and cost for their clients, our support staff and to ensure the correct application of our innovative product.

Our most recent example of this was a Government Department requesting a design for an AES system from a branch of a major engineering firm. The design was clearly completed by an engineer who had no knowledge of our product and had not completed our certification process. The first time we became aware of this project was when we received requests from a number of AES certified plumbers for a quote so they could submit a tender for the job.

One week later, after having spent hours trying to track down the designer, we obtained a copy of the drawings, where the only reference to the AES system was a septic tank. This engineer had clearly made no effort to research our product and had certainly not completed our certification process. Further, this engineering firm informed us that their client (a government department) would have to pay to have the design done again!

AES online certification takes one hour to complete. If this engineer had taken even five minutes of their time to call our office, it would have saved:

  • The client (and tax payers) from being charged through the roof for poor, unprofessional work
  • Three plumbers the time and cost spent trying to tender a job that was not designed correctly
  • The departmental staff the time and cost of preparing tender documents as well as responding to contractors, plus
  • Our efforts to clear up this unsatisfactory situation.

This confirms our steadfast position that there is no exception to the rule – we will not supply our product unless there is a genuine commitment to the best possible outcome for an AES installation by spending the small amount of time it takes to become AES certified.

Our support staff are always on hand to answer any queries and are happy to assist with all technical questions.

AES has been installed in over 400,000 homes, schools, hospitals, caravan parks, national parks, RV stops, resorts, restaurants, new urban developments and small towns around the world since 1995. AES is a trusted product certified worldwide.

Proudly advancing Passive sewage treatment as the preferred and far superior option.