Why didn’t you follow the approved on-site design is a question we’ve had to ask on 3 occasions in the past 5 years? And that is 3 times too many.

Safe on-site waste water treatment and disposal requires the input of several qualified professionals, not least is the soil classifier and system designer. The importance of their contribution is reflected by the requirements of the majority of Australian States that every onsite application is accompanied by a site and soil report.

The significance of understanding the soil profile cannot be understated for any waste water disposal method especially when there can be totally different soils on one residential block of land. Soil type and its capacity to cope with daily design loads is one very important consideration in the placement of a land application along with surface water, restrictive layers, water tables etc.

Yet we still see plumbers choosing not to follow the approved design by placing the land application area where they want. In doing so plumbers expose themselves to liability and more.

Any changes proposed or required to the approved on-site design by site conditions, such as rock, a shed where the land application area should be, or the owner wants the land application area moved. You must advise the designer and/or the Council or the resulting poor outcome could fall on your shoulders.

Saying the builder or home owner wanted you to move the land application area is not a good defence against not following the approved design.

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