We have had a number of enquiries regarding installing Advanced Enviro-Septic as an alternative to mechanical above ground irrigated home sewage treatment systems in the SEQwater catchment areas in South East Queensland.

As a result we recently met with SEQwater to discuss the Advanced Enviro-Septic passive wastewater treatment system’s ability to meet the SEQwater development guidelines for on-site wastewater disposal in their water catchment areas.

It was a very productive and informative meeting, highlighting the importance placed upon the goal of protecting our water resources. The SEQwater Development Guidelines, which references the Queensland Plumbing and wastewater code, establishes the requirements for treatment of effluent in water catchments to a minimum standard of secondary quality.

The Chief Executive approved Advanced Enviro-Septic system can be used when the design is compliant with setback and other provisions of SEQwater development guidelines as applied to all on-site wastewater treatment systems.

The only difference being that as per the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code, sterilisation is not required when disposal of treated effluent is disposed of underground (as is the case with the AES) as opposed to irrigated above ground.

Councils submit development applications for any product type to SEQwater for assessment, with each application being assessed on its merits

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