Our process when entering a new market is very thorough. We engage with all relevant stakeholders in the provision of the safe treatment of wastewater to ensure a broad knowledge and understanding of the Advanced Enviro-Septic system is achieved.

We take considerable time and effort to engage with regulators, designers, sand suppliers, local licenced plumbers and potential homeowners. The benefit of our product awareness process ultimately manifests in the best possible outcome for all stakeholders and the end user of the AES.

With the recent approval by SA Health of Advanced Enviro-Septic (Approval no: 2014 – 05945/2) in South Australia, we commenced our South Australian education programme by presenting to the 36th Annual Environmental Health Australia (SA) annual conference at Glenelg. Delegates attended the event from SA Councils and SA Health with Professor Paddy Phillips, Chief Public Health Officer of South Australia, opening the conference. A key note speech provided by Professor Chris Baggoley, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, highlighted the amazing impact bacteria makes to all aspects of our life including the treatment of wastewater and the immediate and increasing risk that the over-prescription of antibiotics is having on bacterial resistance, and the ever diminishing weapons with which we have to fight bacterial infection.

It also highlighted the degree to which we rely on beneficial bacteria for our every day life. It is the Advanced Enviro-Septic’s ability to provide the perfect passive environment for aerobic bacteria to flourish that results in the high quality treatment of effluent. The majority of delegates were surprised to learn that the first septic system installed in Australia was installed at the Adelaide hospital in 1906.

We will be providing training through a number of Councils and the Wastewater Special Interest Group (SIG) group early in the New Year.

In addition to presenting to the EHA conference, we visited a number of sand suppliers and obtained several samples of sand for testing, if suitable for AES system sand, these suppliers will be listed on our website.

Please contact our office or go to our website for more information on the Advanced Enviro-Septic passive onsite wastewater system.

Ph: 07 5474 4055