The largest environmentally friendly wastewater system of its kind is being installed at a holiday park in Appleby near Nelson on the North Island of New Zealand.

At more than 500 sqm, the Advanced Enviro-Septic system installation at Greenwood Park is the largest to date, designed to treat an average of 19,000 litres of wastewater per day.


Above picture: Tuffnell Plumbing & Drainage staff working on part of the 500 sqm AES installation at Greenwood Park in Appleby, Nelson, NZ

Greenwood Park owner Chris White said after purchasing the property in April 2015 it had undergone an extensive upgrade, which included the hot and cold-water infrastructure and the sewage system.

“There are lots of different systems out there but the reason we have gone for the Advanced Enviro-Septic system is that you can install it under a hard surface and still be able to utilise every bit of land you have got,” Mr White said.

“With the old sand filtration systems you had to isolate a whole area and you lost a lot of available space.”

The AES system is automated, environmentally friendly and requires no ongoing maintenance, pumps, blowers or nasty chemicals.

“We have gone for something state of the art that will work for a long time, it is a great concept,” Mr White said.

AES was originally developed in the United States as a cost-effective way to address groundwater pollution and was introduced to New Zealand by Nelson based company Environment Technology several years ago.

The treatment process uses no power and can be designed to fit into areas where there is limited space.

The system was installed at Greenwood Park by Tuffnell Plumbing and Drainage and took a team of four two weeks to complete.

Tuffnell Plumbing and Drainage manager Kevin Harris said it was the first such system they had installed and had five more projects in the pipeline.

“The benefit compared to an aerated system is that it requires less maintenance and so it is becoming increasingly popular,” Mr Harris said.

Environment Technology director Dick Lamb said it was fitting that the installation was taking place in Richmond as the Tasman District Council was the first to approve the Advanced Enviro-Septic system in New Zealand.

“AES continues to gain in popularity in New Zealand as installers and owners catch on to the idea of modern effective treatment with the old fashioned benefit of out of sight, out of mind,” Mr Lamb said.

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