We are very proud of the efforts achieved by our Chankar Environmental team in Australia and the Environment Technology team in New Zealand. It is just over 15 months since the first AES by the Numbers Update and we thought we should provide an update and would be a good opportunity to share the numbers with you.  Approximate figures below compared to AWTS costs.

AES Passive Treatment Systems Australia & New Zealand1230705
Servicing costs saved every 3 month - $90$110,700 $49,350
Every Year$442,800 $197,400
Electricity savings – estimate $300 per annum$369,000$210,000
Repairs and maintenance – average allowance $400$492,000$282,000
Estimated Savings for these Families every Year$1,414,500$738,750

Total annual cost of living impact on Queensland family budgets for the maintenance, servicing and electricity to operate their AWTS systems is over $200 million dollars approximately serviced and maintained as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Total AES Systems that required investigation in the past 4 years:  13 – (1.05%)   8 – (1.1%).

Their will always be issues that broaden our knowledge and understanding of ways to improve AES outcomes for consumers.  Changes to our process have also been instigated to improve the outcomes for designers, plumbers and consumers even more.

These numbers clearly show why consumers now actively seek a passive solution as opposed to an AWTS system and why from the outset we have been open and transparent. The $3 million dollars saved by these families will assist them to address their ever increasing cost of living.

Queensland families with AWTS systems are spending up to $200 million dollars per annum on keeping their AWTS systems working. 

Proudly making passive septic systems safer than ever before.