Over the past twelve months AES has been working with local councils, designers and plumbers in NSW to provide a solution for property owners seeking an alternative to mechanical wastewater treatment systems.

We have made presentations to NSW Health, Sydney Catchment Authority, Councils and Council consultants explaining the financial and environmental benefits of our simple, effective innovative technology.

This groundwork has resulted in a growing number of AES systems being approved or installed in NSW over the last few months. Some property owners have advised us of savings exceeding $8,000 when comparing quotations from other onsite wastewater management systems. AES continues to maintain its promise of providing a safe and cost-effective alternative to mechanical and electrical wastewater treatment systems.

Our procedure for the supply of product remains consistent throughout NSW, Queensland and Tasmania. Designers and installers complete our free online certification course. Designs are submitted to our office for review of the pipe configuration, drawing quality and bill of materials to ensure clear installation instructions. Prior to delivery we also require the sand supplier to provide us with either a sieve analysis or sand sample for testing.

We are aiming for steady expansion into NSW, to ensure that Councils or Council Consultants are fully informed about our product and receive adequate customer service levels from our team. NSW onsite is administered by the New South Wales Department of Health and by a combination of Environmental Health and Plumbing Departments at the Council level.

For any further information please contact us on 07 5474 4055 or visit our website www.enviro-septic.com.au.