Last month we visited Presby Environmental in New Hampshire USA to catch up with the latest developments in AES. As we are receiving increased interest in large commercial systems we paid a visit to the Town of Newbury 198,000 litre per day sewerage system to meet with Tim Mulder the plant manager to discuss the overall operation of the system since its installation 2 yrs ago.

Tim advised that to date the only maintenance expenditure has been for mowing the grass on top of the system and around the plant or as Tim calls it his “Football Field.”

The day prior to our visit the system load was 143,000 litres. Sewerage plants in America require the renewal of their environmental licence annually. On the 19th of August, Tim received the renewal for his Presby plant and for the 1st time in his 30-year career as sewerage plant manager the new licence reduced the testing regime to 2 tests per year. He put this down to the consistent high quality of test results achieved for the 1st two years by the passive AES system.

View the following video for a sample of water quality.