Ensuring good design and outcomes is very important to our goal of achieving long term, low cost application of the Advanced Enviro-Septic for consumers. Communication and engagement is a big part of our process. The first step in the process is the design and ensuring the plans and details provide a clear communication for Councils and the plumber undertaking the work.

If the plans are not clear than there is to much room for assumptions at installation time. Sometimes we simply refuse to accept plans due to this risk. Challenging the quality of a designers drawings is not something we enjoy doing, but on some occasions we simply have to as per the design below.

Can we do better - "you bet!"

By working with the designer and Council we saw great improvements in this design that clearly communicated to the plumber how to install the system for the best outcome, so everyone wins.

The adoption of AS1547:2012 in Tasmania and by the Councils in NSW where we are currently operating in places requirements on the design documentation for the same reason.  A better onsite outcome.

If the improvement process becomes too difficult, we simply will not sign off on a calculator or supply our product to the project, a situation that has happened a number of times.