It is obvious from the photo, that clear well detailed drawings were not available for this work ??? or the individual doing the work could not read them. Whatever the reason, it will help you understand our desire to provide plumbers and Councils with clear detailed design drawings for AES designs.

Professional drawings are as important to a good outcome for the consumer as is the quality of the plumbing work. We do get negative reactions at times when we request better drawings and or notes before we will sign off on a design. It is not personal or us being pedantic. It simply is an effort to provide everyone with the best possible chance of getting a great outcome.

We go to great lengths with qualified designers to realize good drawings. Free hand sketch on a site plan, notes squeezed into borders and no sections, are not likely to result in an approved AES Calculator.

Drawings done by hand with ruled lines and printed note that clearly convey the designers intent to the Council, Plumber and Client are acceptable.

If you have any questions please contact our office on 0754744055.