The use of Advanced Enviro-septic to treat wastewater generated by a McDonalds Restaurant is common practice in America and Canada. A large full gravity system has been installed in preparation for a new McDonald’s Restaurant development just north of Brisbane.

Biowater Designs requested information on McDonalds installation in America that use the Advanced Enviro-septic. Following evaluation of the information we provided the following day Biowater designed a full gravity system that requires no power, chemicals or ongoing maintenance.

The result will be the most environmentally sensitive, economically sustainable sewerage waste water treatment system available in the Australian Market, passively producing Advanced Secondary treated water for discharge into the environment.

The Advanced Enviro-septic system has been installed ready for construction of the McDonalds Restaurant in the coming months. The systems is designed to handle 10,800 litres per day.

Photo show the ends of AES runs bedded in sand ready for the raised connections and installation of the distribution box manifold.