We have received many enquiries over the past 18 months from landowners in NSW enquiring about the Advanced Enviro-septic and its benefits of low operational cost and high quality water treatment.

Unfortunately we were unable to assist them as we would like. The difficulty we encountered in approaching Councils with the AES was that the structure was very clear in their mind that when it came to a system that produced Advanced Secondary it required New South Wales Health approval.

We spoke at length with NSW Health, provided them with information and a presentation outlining the Advanced Enviro-septic and the need for clarification of the AES process for ourselves and Councils.

Following receipt of the Letter from Professor Wayne Smith, Director of NSW Health, we now feel we are in a position to assist consumers that are seeking a passive solution with high quality treatment, reliable and affordable operation to work with their local Councils.

If you operate or have colleauges in NSW please share this letter with them as we are more than happy to share the Advanced Enviro-septic.

Click on this link to read or download the NSW Health Letter.