Congratulations to Dave Presby and the Presby Environmental team as they proudly celebrate 20 years of providing consumers on 5 continents with the Advanced Enviro-Septic passive septic wastewater treatment solution.

Sceptic septic_3

The ability to provide families with a cost effective passive treatment solution for their sewage, that not only protects their families health but also greatly reduces their impact on the environment with high quality treatment, no electricity or harmful chemicals is a game changer for many.

To add to the celebrations it was also announced that NSF had published the NSF40 certification of the Simple Septic for treatment to Secondary Quality Standard with a higher loading rate per lineal meter and only 150mm of system sand compared to the Advanced Enviro-Septic.  A great option for developing countries and other emerging economies looking to improve the standard of living and well being for the communities through affordable improved wastewater treatment.

Everyday we receive enquiries from customers that have had a bad experience with mechanical wastewater treatment plants. Whilst our Advanced Enviro-Septic product may not be suitable in every case, it is a great relief to the majority that they now have a choice.

Proudly making passive septic systems safer than ever before.