For millions of poor families the heath risk from poor sanitary practices are an everyday fact of life that includes drinking water contaminated with sewage, communicable disease outbreaks and life threatening septicemia infections. This situation was evident in our dealings in Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and the Pacific Island nations.

Also very evident was the need for an affordable solution. In consultation with Presby Environmental and in a effort to provide an affordable solution with substantial community health benefits, certification testing was carried out to establish the ability of simple septic to improve effluent disposal Bod & TSS by 70% using 150mm of system sand, no fibres or bio accelerator.

The results speak for themselves and we are pleased to advise that the product will be available in 2015 to Asia and other countries where cost of other technologies are simply beyond their reach and ability to maintain.

The full presentation is available on our website:

Simple septic