Following Accreditation of the Advanced Enviro-septic in Tasmania earlier this month we have been addressing the issue of cost effective supply and distribution of the AES.

The cost impact of transport can have a big impact on our ability to provide consumers with a low cost On-site wastewater management solution. A reliable delivery process that ensures the arrival of Advanced Enviro-septic to our customers site is also very important to ensure your AES certified Plumber has the gear to do the job.

We are pleased to advise that we had entered into a distribution arrangement with Tasfreight

Tasfreight was established at Devonport, Tasmania in May 1984 primarily to provide a fast and efficient freight service between Tasmania and Melbourne. 
Having 30 years experience in the transport and shipping industry, Kerry Gibson was the driving force in 1984 who could see the need and recognised the demand for such a service. Kerry has had the dedication and energy to see the business established and as a Managing Director today, maintains the drive and enthusiasm required to ensure a successful operation.
After almost a year of planning, Tasfreight shipped their first container of cargo (chilled fruit and vegies) from Melbourne to Devonport, using the ”Empress of Australia” on May 30th 1984.
From those humble beginnings Tasfreight has now grown to incorporate six transport depots (Devonport, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) as well as having two major agencies in Adelaide and Perth. Originally geared to handle fresh fruit and vegetables, Tasfreight now caters for all types of cargoes with the only exception being new furniture.

By partnering with Tasfreight we will now provide the same direct to site service we have provided in Queensland for the past 2 ½ years. When an order is placed for product it will be in the capable hands of Tasfreight from our warehouse to you job site or preferred drop off point.

AND THE COST? Slightly more than our customers pay in Queensland. What a great outcome