As a designer, every feature or detail you include in a land application area has significant bearing on the people who will live in and around that space, the cost of the development, not to mention the environment. It goes without saying, then, that designers have a great responsibility to make recommendations that minimise harm and optimise positive outcomes.

Enviro-Septic is a Total Solution

When it comes to choosing or at least advising your clients on the waste treatment systems that will be used in such developments, the solution you select needs to not only be cost-effective but also the safest for the people who live there. After all, the ramifications of choosing the wrong waste treatment systems could be significant.

The Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) offers a complete solution to designer’s on-site effluent disposal system needs. Not only is the AES less expensive to buy than an AWTS system and inexpensive to install, but it’s also designed to minimise maintenance costs, is backed by a 20-year warranty on defective parts, requires no electricity to operate and does not require expensive blowers, pumps or controls.

Combine the cost advantages of the Enviro-Septic system with the fact that it’s also the safe solution for people and the environment, and you’ve got a system that’s capable of satisfying all your needs as a designer. You can feel confident advising clients on the benefits of implementing the AES as it’s designed to protect groundwater and soil, removes 99% of wastewater contaminants without the use of harmful chemicals or power, and is made from recycled plastics.

Many Design Benefits

But no waste treatment solution would be suitable for a designer’s recommendation if it weren’t also the smartest system from a design standpoint. In addition to all of the safety features and cost benefits that come from using the AES, its design also makes for an easy and straightforward installation, whether for a new or retrofit application.

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