With the increasing costs of maintenance and operation, Councils and Rural Communities struggle to keep their operating costs within their budgets. With the pressures of keeping costs down, it can be difficult to focus on what is important for a community, which is the health and safety of its people and its environment. At Advanced Enviro-Septic, we don’t want your town to feel obligated to compromise quality just to stay within budget.

Our competitively priced sewage treatment systems are proven and reliable to handle your town’s effluent loads. For instance, our technology is used in systems with loads as small as 400 liters per day up to as much as 300, 000 liters per day. Also, with our largest application, we can successfully reuse 50% of the wastewater, saving your community money and resources. Furthermore, our treatment processes require zero energy, allowing for your town to save on electrical costs.

Now that we have covered costs, let’s get to what is important, the health and safety of our towns and our environment. AES sewage treatment systems remove up to 99% of wastewater contaminants without the use of harsh chemicals. This removal is achieved successfully with the use of recycled plastic, found in a significant portion of our system components. Also, your town’s soil and groundwater is protected from contamination when an Advanced Enviro-Septic system is being used for water treatment. Australia, in many areas, is significantly dry and, therefore, values its water sources greatly. AES understands this and that is why we have worked so hard to create technology that protects this precious resource from contamination.

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