When mining and resource camps are stationed in remote areas, finding an effective and affordable solution for sewerage treatment can be difficult enough that choosing one that’s also better for the environment becomes an after-thought. In our search for what will suit our budgets while also satisfying the need, we often forget about the importance of protecting the planet. Now, when it comes to septic systems, Australia-based mining and resource camps have a solution that’s not only affordable and highly effective but also safer for the environment.

Affordable, Efficient & Planet-friendly

Why is the Advanced Enviro-septic (AES) the sewerage treatment choice of forward-thinking mining and resource companies? For starters, this wastewater treatment system will remove 99% of contaminants, so that limited water supplies can go further, without the use of power. What’s more is that the AES was also designed to eliminate soil or groundwater contamination and many of the system’s components were manufactured out of recycled plastic. When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint and overall cost of a camp’s operations, the AES presents a solution that’s unlike any other.

In what other aspect of your business is there a product or solution to a business need that’s not only one of the best options in terms of cost and function, but also the one that will best protect the health of your workers and the environment in which we live? The AES system is a complete solution and increasingly the preferred alternative to the treatment and septic systems Australia-based mining and resource companies typically use.

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