For planners and city or town councils, there are many reasons the Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) is the most cost-effective solution for the sewage treatment process in a new sub-division. Choosing this revolutionary technology over traditional septic systems or processes used in sewage treatment plants is a smart decision from start to finish.

When evaluating the various options available to new developments, it goes without saying that the cost to buy, implement and maintain the different types of septic systems or other waste water treatment equipment is one of the biggest factors considered. The AES system is not only less expensive than many of the other solutions on the market, but the home owners who move to new sub-divisions, or the town and city councils who manage such developments, will continue to enjoy a cost-savings through AES for years to come. Here’s how:

Installation is Straightforward & Fast

Unlike other systems that tend to be larger in size and less straightforward in their design, the AES can be installed by a small crew of people within a short time frame. The system’s uncomplicated design, small size and lightweight parts mean installation fees are minimised and setbacks drastically reduced when new sub-divisions choose AES over other septic systems or another sewage treatment process.

Inexpensive to Operate & Maintain

It’s one thing for a waste water treatment solution to be inexpensive to purchase and implement, but it’s another thing all together for it also to be affordable to run and for any required maintenance or repairs to not cost a significant amount of money. The AES system is the total solution, from a financial perspective, as it operates without the use of power, isn’t comprised of complicated components that cost a fortune to maintain or replace, and is made of non-biodegradable parts that are guaranteed to last for 20 years or more. In fact, the AES system will never require special attention or parts replacements. It’s the perfect solution for new sub-divisions’ future residents as well as the town or city councils who are continuously on the lookout for ways to reduce spending.

If you’re at all involved in the construction of a new sub-division, consider the many cost-saving benefits of the AES system. Compare it to any other similar product on the market and we’re confident AES will always come out on top, putting those who own it ahead financially. Contact us to learn more about AES and new sub-divisions.