If you own a resort or hotel that resides in a remote area or one where environmental protection standards present a challenge for finding safe and affordable waste water treatment, the Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) could be just the solution you’ve been searching for. Island communities, too, can benefit from the many advantages that the AES system offers

Waste Water Systems with Environmental Advantages

Depending on the location of a resort or hotel, it can be difficult enough to find a waste water treatment solution that’s capable of handling demand, let alone one that also respects and preserves the environment. Unlike other waste water systems, the AES is able to remove 99% of the contaminants from water without the use of power or even chemicals. What’s more is that the system was designed to dramatically reduce the risk of soil or groundwater contamination and has a significantly smaller footprint.

You’re probably thinking, ‘sure, this sounds great but it’s likely not going to be budget-friendly.’ In reality, the AES system is not only less expensive to buy than many of the alternatives on the market, but it’s also considerably less expensive to operate and maintain.

Waste Water Treatment with Cost-Savings

When you purchase and install the AES system at your hotel, resort or island community, you will enjoy a cost-savings right off the top, as the smaller size of the system requires less personnel and the design allows for a quick and straightforward installation. Over time, the cost-savings will continue as the AES system does not require electricity, does not have expensive computer components or mechanical devices that could need replacement or maintenance, we do not require you to sign a maintenance contract, and all of our systems come with a 20-year guarantee, should there be any manufacturing defects in any of the system’s components, causing it to malfunction.

It’s now possible to find a solution for your waste water treatment needs without compromising environmental safety or spending huge sums of money. To learn more about installing an AES system in your location, contact us.