Many parks, like National Parks, Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds are located in remote areas and in non-sewered locations. To further complicate things, these communities often produce variations in effluent loads. The Advanced Enviro Septics System (AES) utilise a passive biological treatment process that is the most tolerant Advanced Secondary System capable of handling these load variations. An effective waste water treatment system is necessary for all, but for parks, a system that is environmentally-sound also coincides with their mandates to protect our environment and conserve our resources.

Advanced Enviro-Septic treatment systems remove up to 99% of wastewater contaminants, which ensures the health and safety of all park guests. Also, our Enviro Septic has a dramatically reduced footprint size in comparison to our competitors with only 8 inches required, as oppose the 1-meter pipe. Our smaller size, allows your park to have an effective septic system that limits its impact on the natural ecosystem, preserving its beauty. Our Advanced Enviro- Septic systems do not require energy, saving parks the expense, so they can budget for other things.

What’s more is our systems are made with significant quantities of recycled plastic, so parks can stay true to their purpose of conserving the environment. Lastly, National Parks, Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds can ensure a safe environment for all park guests, as the Advanced Enviro-Septic system protects soil and ground water from contamination without the use of harmful chemicals.

Further AES advantages for parks, including environmental, cost and design advantages, can be found by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you.