In one of our previous articles, we discussed the various factors that potential Enviro-Septic owners have to consider when they are deciding which Advanced Enviro-Septic System they will install. That is why we provide a checklist with an abundance of topics related to owning a wastewater treatment system. One of the questions listed is “What system allows you to prepare family meals and wash grease and oil down your sink without effecting the operation of the system or causing failure?” This is a great question, because this is something that is done in many households, everyday. Our Enviro-Septic tanks can handle it! Grease and oil are one thing, but owning a garbage disposal and putting more solids into the system needs to be done with care.

When looking at purchasing a septic system, owners of garbage disposals should consider a larger septic tank or a multiple tank design. This is because a garbage disposal contributes or adds to the number of solids that are typically present in the tank. We also recommend that if you are going to have a garbage disposal that you pump your tank more frequently than our suggested period of every 3 to 5 years. Finally, we at Advanced Enviro-Septic ask that you inform your system designer of your garbage disposal or intention to install a garbage disposal, before purchasing or installing the Enviro-Septic technology. We hope these tips are helpful, because we want you to enjoy the convenience of a garbage disposal without concern that it will do harm to your septic system.

Have a garbage disposal, or are planning on buying one? Give us a call to learn more about maintaining an Enviro-Septic system while owning and using a garbage disposal.