Are you an avid gardener? Are you constantly adding green additions to your yard? We at Enviro-Septic Systems understand the value of a beautiful, green backyard. This is why our domestic wastewater treatment systems are environmentally friendly- we want to protect our ecosystems. And there is no reason why you can’t have an abundance of foliage and an effective septic system in the same backyard. We will tell you how you can do this.

In order for your Advanced Enviro Septic system to perform with excellence, we ask that if you are going to plant trees that you plant them at least 3 meters away from the system. This way you never have to worry about root infiltration. Also, avoid planting water loving plants and trees like willows and bamboos near the drain field. A garden for human consumption should also be planted away from the drain field. Another important tip for gardening with a septic system is to avoid adding too much soil material over the drain field. This could potentially suffocate your septic system if it is not properly vented.

Don’t let your septic system affect your love of gardening. Call us to learn more about planting when you ownw an Advanced Enviro-Septic system. Our friendly and informative staff is always happy to help and it’s possible you will be amazed at what you can do when you own one of these revolutionary systems. You will feel great knowing you can have a beautiful backyard with a septic system designed to protect it.