Whether you’re building a new house or are looking to upgrade your current septic system to one that’s not only safer for your family, your community and the environment, but also more cost-effective, the Advanced Enviro-septic (AES) system was designed to accommodate the unique characteristics of virtually any locale, community or plot of land.

Unlike a traditional septic system, home owners can install the AES system in any type of soil, and custom applications allow for successful installation in virtually every location, whether flat or sloping. The pipes used in the AES systems are flexible, which also makes them a better fit in areas where contours and slopes would make some sewerage treatment systems less practical.

Due to the design of this system, and the treatment levels it’s capable of achieving, home owners who choose AES continuously experience fewer setbacks than those who may choose another type of septic system. Town councils find fewer faults in a system like AES that doesn’t just meet treatment level guidelines but often exceeds them.

But home owners shouldn’t choose the AES system just because it allows for an easier and more successful installation. This system is also a smart choice for home owners who wish to ensure that their septic system is not only safer for their families and those around them, but also better for the environment. Specifically, AES has a smaller carbon footprint, regardless of the size of application being used.

When there are so many ways a home owner will benefit when they choose an AES system over a traditional septic tank, there’s little wonder why scores of people throughout North America and Australia have already chosen this revolutionary solution to their domestic sewerage treatment needs. To learn more about how you will benefit from using such a system at your home, contact us.