Last week we confronted the disappointing reality that our process as robust as it is, is not as good as it could be.

The situation that we encountered was the result of a builder completing our online certification course, fraudulently entering the name of his licenced plumber and the plumbers QBSA licence number.

He then provided these matching details on the AES calculator in order to purchase the AES components. Certification was checked and product supplied.

The result was an installation that was not as per design or manufacturers specification and with the low vent, high vent and raised connectors placed at the bottom of the AES pipes with no velocity diffuser, simply a hole drilled into the top of the upside down OFFSET adaptor and the delivery pipe shoved straight into the AES pipe. From day one the system had no oxygen path.

In addition, the Bio Accelerator that we exposed was on the side not the bottom as required.

When asked for his plumber phone number so that we could ring him and request his attendance the builder advised that “HE WAS THE PLUMBER AND HIS PLUMBER HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT” When asked did he read the installation instructions that came with the design and in the Delivery of product he replied,” I just assumed the 100mm pipes would be on the bottom to get fall out of the pipes.”

He will now have to engage a plumber to rectify the system.

NEW PROCEDURE: – as a direct result of the action of one individual we have introduced a new procedure which will require anyone wishing to take delivery of AES product to complete a “Licensed Plumber / Drainer Acknowledgement and confirmation “form”. This will be provided with every quotation and must be signed and completed by the licensed person undertaking the installation.

Advice has been sought from Building Codes Queensland and we hope action will be taken against the builder for unlicensed work, fraudulent use of a QBSA number in order for us to uphold our desire to provide consumers with the best possible outcomes when using our product and protect against the fraudulent use of a plumbers license.

If you have any questions concerning this new process please contact our office.