As the world’s population grows, so does our affect on the environment. With more people comes an increase in the consumption of our natural resources, like water and minerals. Our consumption puts a strain on the earth and, without the proper precautions, we will reach a point where it can no longer carry our load. This is why, with the creation of new sub-divisions and other new developments in our communities, we must ensure that these new additions are equipped with advanced technology that will provide for a lasting, healthy environment. At Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES), we are as passionate about the environment as we are our septic systems. You can express your passion for a healthy environment too, by choosing a smart method of industrial waste water treatment in your new development. Let us tell you why:

AES systems are designed and built to handle sewage and grey water treatment without the use of powered mechanical devices or harmful chemicals. Not only will you save on the electrical costs associated with your new sub division or development, but you will also be contributing less to our planet’s carbon footprint. Also, our system treatment has a much smaller footprint size than our competitors, with only an 8-inch pipe separation as opposed to a 1-meter separation. This has less of an impact on the ecosystems that exist within your development’s location.

What’s more is that our treatment system also protects soil and groundwater from contamination, further reducing the impact your development has on the surrounding environment. Lastly, the home owners in your new sub-division or development will be at ease knowing that their home’s septic system removes up to 99% of wastewater contaminants, making it safe and healthy for the whole community.

For more information or to learn more of the advantages that new sub divisions and developments enjoy when using the AES system, visit this section of our website. Feel free to send us your questions at or call us at (07) 5474 4055. We look forward to hearing from you.