A Checklist Detailing Septic Systems for Household Usage to Sewerage Treatment Plant Usage

At Advanced Enviro-Septic, we understand that our clients have different backgrounds requiring different needs. That is why we offer a variety of systems from which our clients can choose. Our clients can be home owners needing a backyard septic system, or businesses and development designers requiring technology for a sewage treatment plant. Some require their AES systems to be tested and approved by a variety of accredited Standards Regulators. Others are concerned about which systems use the most electricity each year. Other factors to consider, when deciding which system to purchase, are the technology’s ability to withstand sanitary items and nanny wipes, or food grease and oil. For example, our Advanced Enviro-Septic Gravity System and Conventional Septic Systems are able to handle all of these items.

If you are a consumer who is concerned about warranties, our AES Advanced Enviro-Septic Gravity System offers a 20-year manufacturers warranty that covers all of the components. This same system has been proven to operate for this length of time without failure and cost to the owner, as long as the septic is pumped every 5 years, if required. We have other customers who inquire about long term serving obligations with the supplier. Our sand filter and aerated waste water system do not require the owner to sign a long-term service obligation contract with the supplier. With this said, we are confident in the superior technology of our product that we can guarantee our systems do not require repairs and expensive replacements four times a year. These variables, in addition to many others, are all considered on our online checklist to make your septic system decision process an easy one!

We encourage you to check out the Waste Water System Option Checklist where you can find a list of our wastewater treatment systems and the one that is customised to fit your needs for long lasting success. Or, call us for more information and assistance determining which product is right for you.