One of the questions we receive most often at Chankar Environmental is “why do you need to vent AES systems?” Our waste water treatment process uses aerobic bacterial treatment. This means that oxygen is essential and, therefore, proper ventilation is essential. In general, the aerobic treatment process is considered more effective than the traditional anaerobic process, which works with the absence of oxygen. The aerobic system is superior in withstanding household chemicals, as well as breaking down human waste. Areobic bacterial treatment is critical to the excellence of AES’ waste water treatment process.

With regards to the installation of ventilation, the roof vent or house vent functions as the high vent. This is effective as long as there are no restrictions or vents in between. The low vent can be attached to the d-box and the low and high vents can be located at the same end of the field near the d-box. As you can see, the vents can be installed in a variety of locations. We would like to note, though, that we do not recommend the use of a charcoal filter with the Enviro-Septic system vents. When installed and maintained properly, our technology will not produce any odor.  Charcoal filters run the risk of masking an underlying problem and they restrict the necessary airflow.

We invite you to take a look around our website to learn more about the technology we offer and for more information on the proper installation of Advanced Enviro-Septic systems. Any questions can be forwarded to, where our friendly staff are eagerly waiting to assist you.