We expect to realise our 1000th AES installation in Australia in the 1st Quarter 2014. In the 12 months following the 1000 installation we will conservatively save Australian families over $1.2million dollars. Thanks to the AES system installed to date we estimate the savings already made by Queensland families at $700,000 dollars.

This has occurred, even while a concerted, misleading and deliberate campaign of intimidation, grossly inaccurate and damaging misrepresentation of our product to consumers, through to all levels of Government has been waged by the major wastewater manufacturers and their representatives.

If their efforts were in the interest of protecting their customers and Queensland families it would be admirable. Given that it is totally commercial, in order to protect their profit by trying to shut down a viable competitor in the AES highlights the arrogance that 15yrs of self-regulation and poor legislation has created.

We look forward to 2014 being the year that more and more Australian Families are empowered by a passive choice as opposed to a AWTS required by government and that they are supported by regulation and government to receive what they pay hundreds of millions of dollars for each year. Sewerage treatment systems that meet there approved guidelines and actually protect community and environmental health.

We will continue to fight for the consumers right of choice and to promote natures waste water solution with Sincerity and Integrity.