The increasing cost of operation for conventional sewerage systems continues to drive interest in our passive sewerage treatment process. In Australia the dramatic increases in the cost of electricity is promoting an increased demand for information and understanding of passive benefits at domestic and commercial levels.

Photo proving Sewerage can be treated with out the need for electricity or chemicals.

Internationally, A Second High Level presentation will be made at the request of the Government of Laos and an Australian Engineer following on from well received meetings set up by the Australian Ambassador with the Minister of Health and the Director of the Department of Housing and Planning.

Whist Jeremiah is in Laos he will be visiting the 1st proposed project. A 100 man construction camp.

Samoa’s Septic rejuvenation program will be commencing in the 1st half of this year with a total program of 1000 septic systems being upgraded or installed.

Realisation by many Government, Community Health and Environmental bodies that the Advanced Enviro-septic passive sewerage treatment system is the key to substantial benefits for developing nations, remote communities and family homes impacted by severe weather events, as the Advanced Enviro-septic continues to provide access to safe sewage treatment even when power infrastructure has been destroyed.

Tasmanian designers are starting to appreciate the applications they can apply the AES to as well.