In order to address poor effluent quality being produced by onsite waste water systems and the impact in the environment and community health outcomes in Canada, a regulatory frame work was put in place by BNQ ( Similar to SAI Global in Australia) to audit systems annually. If a manufacturers system fails the Audit process, the Licence for that system is revoked.

The Bureau de normalization du Québec (BNQ) is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a standards development body. As such, it is authorized to develop consensual normative documents (Standards) up to the national level and to participate into regional (COPANT, PASC) and international standardization activities.

The process requires independent testing and reporting directly to BNQ on sites nominated by BNQ serviced by the system to be audited. In order for a system manufacturer to retain their license they must have over 80% of the randomly selected sites meet standard requirement. In which case their standard requires BOD of less than 15 mg/l and TSS of less than 15 mg/l, compared to BOD less 10 mg/l and TSS less than 10 mg/l in Australia.

The number of systems that retain their licence in Canada is quite small and the Advanced Enviro-septic is one of them.
To see the latest Audit results 2011 for Advanced Enviro-Septic click here.