Advanced Enviro-septic has been granted it’s 1st Approval for installation in New Zealand by Tasman District Council this week. The application was submitted by Dick Lamb & Hazel Pearson of at 14 Onekaka Iron Works Rd, RD 2, Takaka 7182, with the installation to be carried out in the coming weeks.

The protocol for all applications in New Zealand will be the same as Australia with designs done by qualified AES certified designers, the AES calculator being approved by Chankar Environmental prior to Council issuing an approval, and installation done by AES certified Licensed Plumbers.

Tasman District is a beautiful environmental area with a lot of holiday homes. A valued feature to both and Tasman Council of the AES is its passive nature, simplicity and quality of treatment provided as well as the process and support provided by Chankar Environmental in ensuring the best possible outcome for all participants and the consumer.