“Ozzi Kleen conversion for a better consumer outcome”

Homeowners who rely on an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System, become upset with the ongoing maintenance and costs associated with treatment plants. Especially when they get an unexpected $1,000 bill for the replacement of a major component. A common line heard by service technicians throughout Australia is….

“I’d like to rip this thing out of the ground” ….in the case of this family didn’t get mad, they got an Advanced Enviro-Septic.

Their property on the outskirts of Cooran is totally reliant on generating their own power, harvesting their own water and disposing of the wastewater onsite. The only obstacle they had was an Ozzi Kleen HSTP using a large percentage of what their 20kw solar system produced. In quite a short period of time the subsurface irrigation blocked with suspended solids causing the pump to run continuously which burnt out a $28,000 battery set. In an effort to protect their family health and their batteries the system was put onto a timer where it was only operating for 12 hours per day.

The owners continued to suffer frustration, smells and a health risk from effluent pumping out on the ground. Perry and Adrian of Cooroy Treatment Plant Services were engaged to convert the Ozzie Kleen tank to a septic tank. All mechanical components where removed and an outlet baffle installed. An Advanced Enviro-Septic was installed and the owner now has a gravity fed, passive, greener solution with no ongoing costs and a safer wastewater system.

If you would to like information on converting an AWTS contact our office via our website or phone our office on 07 5474 4055.