This 4,000 litre per day Advanced Enviro-septic was installed 3 years ago at a Blue Care respite centre in Gympie, Queensland.

The installation was designed by Lance Picton of Biowater designs in cat 6 heavy clay with additional soil improvements as per Australian Standards : AS 1547.  The additional improvement over excavation with a tooth bucket was to rip the full basal area with a 300mm single tyne ripper parallel to the AES pipes.

Due to the 4,000 ltr per day loading rate, 2 sub-systems were installed with a low vent on each one and the high vent installed of the distribution box at the far end. The Blue Care Maintenance Manager indicated that the system has been trouble free since its installation, even after all the staff from Blue Care, Gympie office here relocated to this facility earlier in the year.

The only maintenance cost incurred during the past 3 years was mowing the area and the annual measurement of the sludge level in the septic tanks with pump out when required. The problem free operation has saved tens of thousands of dollars over the AWTS plants it replaced.